Pubg Player Motivation.


You probably already got this one right, I can remember as a kid having the desire to play on my brother’s computer. It was an interesting idea to try and get him to give me a run on his system so I could beat him at some level which is why if he gave up it would be a good feeling because I wouldn’t have been able to hurt you like he did if he kept me. You also probably know that there are a lot of websites out there that ask players who are playing their first game to let them see a screenshot of your game or how long they’ve played (depending on what you’re playing).

I haven’t really played a whole lot of pubg but here are a few things that will help motivate you to keep playing more often. If anyone is trying to encourage you to play, please tell me so but don’t make any promises just yet. I’m going to start off with the top ten reasons you might enjoy this sport.

1 – Playing for fun

Are you into cars, guns, sports, music, TV shows, reading, or anything else that makes people smile? Playing pubg is all about enjoying yourself. Whether or not you succeed at killing someone, you get to live the best life, and having fun that way is priceless. When you have a well-balanced diet, you’re always going to feel better when you come home from playing. This means that when you’re sick or in pain the next morning you’ll feel great too so even when you win a round it doesn’t mean that everything is going to magically go away.

2 – There’s something about pubg when you’re competitive

If you enjoy making others laugh then playing pubg is for you. Not only does it bring people together, but also has a certain kind of love for competition. So you know that no matter what happens you can always count on winning the match when you don’t quite think it’s possible, and it also feels cool to see other pros and losers play. Most players seem to like their teammates more than themselves in general and knowing that everyone around you knows they’re not going to die until they lose is a fantastic feeling that is a part of being a pubg. We need each other’s support, especially in stressful times so we can stay strong and focused.

3 – Everyone wants to be a champion, don’t they?

There’s a small secret, people tend to care about their teams more than themselves. Which is fine, we’ll get there eventually. One thing that never fails though is having the chance to meet up with our friends or other people who we’re close with. These people aren’t the ones that we’re against losing but rather the ones we can actually talk to. Some may not come back from winning a tournament. Maybe they never even went back at all. But seeing friends who have lost the tournament might give you that extra boost in motivation to keep showing up. Being a winner isn’t enough though! The stakes are way too high. A win isn’t the only thing that matters. Sometimes you need to look beyond yourself and realize that you didn’t really win it all by winning. That means that you don’t want to miss out on those special moments that would have been nice while playing pubg.

4 – Making friends is key

When I started playing pubg I made some silly friends. None of who would have been my real friends, but the ones I had, and that I still have. What I loved about pubg was how it brought people together. And how much fun it is when you can hang out with these people. Having these amazing strangers that you are around that play with daily are huge motivators to get up and play more often. Even if only briefly, they put a big smile on your face and give you that extra boost for wanting things more. They’re the reason why you won’t get a single drop of sweat off that pubg tournament. People forget how far you have to push yourself before realizing its worth it, and that’s exactly how you show them.

5 – Your confidence grows along with you

When you learn that when you think you really have nothing on your resume but maybe a couple of wins you get worried that you’ll never be able to get past your last match. In many cases you will find yourself dropping down the ladder if you give up and I do know that sometimes it is hard to believe it sometimes, but sometimes you need that extra boost. Even when it hurts the most, you can’t let that negativity defeat you. That extra boost will kickstart your momentum again when you finally feel ready to climb some more. You will see your confidence rise along with you and that can help you get through tougher days when everyone thinks you should quit.

6 – Seeing the world for yourself is awesome

When you play pubg you get to see the world for yourself. See new places, and see what different types of people exist there. When you get older this can be very exciting to you by seeing where the place you grew up in is now. When you grow old you start getting a little bit slower and the excitement can slow as well. At 18 years old you start picking up speed and this gives you a huge advantage over your opponents because they get tired quickly and can’t hit you back so easily. You see yourself coming in and starting to take on new challenges which brings joy to your heart and mind. Just as you grow up you can also get a glimpse into the bigger picture when you play pubg. You learn that you don’t really have to be afraid of failure, you don’t really have to be afraid of a bad day, your team mates can get along well even though they never quite do. When you see this all happening you get a sense of pride and confidence because you realize that you’re capable of getting past these obstacles without giving up.

7 – Social interaction is important

Even if you think you belong somewhere else or that you don’t need that social interaction, there is a point when all the stress goes away which is the perfect time when you need that interaction with your team mates. Especially if you’re newer to the game and you want to share your side with everyone. When you start playing pubg you get to see all new faces and how they are dealing with things differently than you. Even though you’ve been a loyal player since day one it can become difficult when you start to compare yourself to other players and then look down on them for taking on this new hobby which in turn will lead to a slump of loneliness and a lack of social interaction where you spend more time alone. However, there’s always something you can find to bond with other people when you play pubg, whether that be a friend or a meme. Nothing beats human connection. Plus, having your stats on everyone’s screen means that you always have to see how everyone is doing, and you really get to admire some guys and gals that you like watching play. Then, once you’ve seen all these things happening it can be easier to go and interact with all of them instead of looking down at your own results and wondering if anyone is good enough.

8 – Playing pubg can change you forever

It isn’t until you put that first run at the pubg tournament that you realize just how amazing of a sport this is. After playing pubg you understand that how it feels to complete a 100% streak the same day the final match is. You also get to learn to work hard and sometimes you get really sore and you don’t want to be doing it all over again. All of that comes towards being a better person. As you progress from beginning to end you learn that no one is ever truly able to see exactly what it was like to play pubg but you can try. Because you did it and now you can reflect on the times you were angry during matches, or even angry yourself after every loss. Once everyone starts complaining you can finally see a side of pubg you never knew existed, the genuine enjoyment of seeing new faces and being in such close contact with them. You learn that they aren’t just another group of kids, they are all adults with their own opinions and ideas, all with a shared passion for this crazy game.

9 – You get in touch with your emotions.

Even if you think that everyone else is making you mad, you do your best to make sure that you have fun and that you enjoy this moment. When you play pubg you get to feel a mix of the opposite emotions. Usually you will hate yourself for not having it all figured out all along, or for failing to complete this level on time. Often times you will gain confidence in yourself because you now have to deal with negative feelings. There are so many ways you can use the emotion for good or for bad. For example, instead of telling yourself you need to stop playing pubg, you could write that feeling up in an art journal or simply draw a picture of it in your head and put it in your bag. Remember, your brain is full of weirdness. Every emotion is valid and is worthy of a second thought though. Don’t worry about your emotions, they aren’t meant to hold you back from progressing. No one ever truly understands the inner workings of your body. Emotions are meant to scare us, and I’ve found that I can cope up to some extent by letting myself cry as much as I want to. Because I know that crying is okay and will help me release these heavy thoughts. By holding on I am able to continue getting better and becoming smarter at these techniques.

10 – Working hard will help you get better…

When you start playing pubg, you might think it’s easy to lose focus. And while that is true I’ve used that as an



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