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China’s tourism industry braces for Ching Ming Festival with lockdowns and travel restrictions


HONG KONG China’s devitalized domestic tourism assiduity could be further clobbered by weak consumption during the coming vacation as the millions refrain from traveling far and spending while record figures of coronavirus cases continue to goad lockdowns across the country.
The three-day Ching Ming Festival, or grave-sweeping jubilee, takes place from Sunday to Tuesday, and reports by tourism agencies point to an uninterrupted preference for short- distance passages-a trend that has gathered brume as people avoid long-haul passages due to unpredictable trip restrictions and counterblockade authorizations.
But tourism consumption can hardly be boosted by day passages, according to Zhou Mingqi, author of tourism consultancy Jingjian Consulting.
Whereas long-distance passages generally involve plutocrats being spent on transport, hospices, refections, and monuments, short excursions may simply involve buying a ticket to a magnet. Therefore, the trend decimates trip spending.
“Tourism is an assiduity supported by cross-regional movement and spending, and if there’s no movement from fiefdom to fiefdom, from a megacity to megacity, there’s no request,” said Chen Xianghong, chairman of Wuzhen Tourism in Zhejiang fiefdom and of Gubei Water Town in Beijing.
Flight prices are also cratering. The costs of traveling to and from popular destinations similar to Beijing and Guangzhou have been slashed through April, reflecting a sharp drop in bookings and signaling bleak prospects for airlines.
Viewed as the sector most susceptible to coronavirus dislocations, tourism-and the diligence nearly linked to it-has formerly been buffeted as China sticks to its zero-Covid strategy that has redounded in strict trip restrictions and mass lockdowns.
Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines, the biggest airline companies in the country, all reported losses of further than 10 billion yuan (US$1.57 billion), as well as bigger losses in 2021 than the time before, according to their separate periodic reports released before this week.
As of January, about trip agencies had closed since 2020, said Wang Yu, vice-president of the Spring Travel agency.
Shanghai, China’s most rich megacity and typically a major trip destination, was caught off guard ahead of its worst outbreak of Covid-19, and authorities enforced a snap two-stage lockdown on Monday, confining residers to their neighborhoods and suspending all public transport.
The largely transmittable Omicron variant has been spreading like a campfire across utmost Chinese businesses, with the country reporting new cases on Wednesday.
As Shanghai and other metropolises under lockdown have closed their doors to trippers and dashed the expedients of residers planning to get down, central and original authorities are also advising people against traveling to parlous areas.
There are more incidental ramifications from the outbreaks than just travel bans, Zhou advised.
“The blow to the frugality equals a blow to consumption, and the desire to spend,” he said.
Total tourism spending rose 31 last time from the 2020 position, to2.92 trillion yuan (US$ 460 billion), but this was only half of the position of expenditure seen in 2019, the government data showed.
In 2019, tourism and related diligence reckoned for11.05 of China’s gross domestic product, as major players in the service sector, and they contributed to79.87 million direct and circular jobs-original to10.31 of all employment.



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