Museum In Dubai The Future Of World: Expectations vs. Reality


Imagine you are on a journey across the world, taking a trip down memory lane. You go to visit all the interesting places that you have ever visited before. This is how I had my first taste of what it would be like to travel around the world. I went to Saudi Arabia and even though everyone was speaking English they were actually quite friendly even though we could not speak Arabic at all. Everyone was just trying to get along and get along with each other. As I traveled through this experience I did not really understand why so many people I met did not speak Arabic. At first, I thought “Why can’t we be comfortable with one another? Why do our parents always keep their kids away from us?” but as time passed, I found myself getting better at understanding what people were saying and why. It wasn’t until I started seeing how different cultures would interact with each other that an understanding began to form for me as to why these people kept quiet so often. The reason that I came to learn about this experience was not that I felt more understanding of why this happened, but rather because I got to see places where people still spoke their own language that people in other countries can not. However, I have also come to learn how these cultures view the idea of western culture, and although these organizations look at them as being arrogant or ignorant, they truly do think differently. They believe that their way of life is superior to others, and even with the belief that western culture is superior and not equal, there are some things that everyone should know about the west that these people probably didn’t. Even though I am going to have to leave this country soon I will definitely be a fan of this country that I visited when coming back.

In America, religion is very important and people tend to believe that there are two types of religions, either there is one type that is right and one that is wrong, or there is no such thing as anything else. While I don’t know how or why this has become the case in the United States, what I learned from my experiences was that the majority of Americans and Europeans don’t even know the difference between Christianity and Islam, let alone why they don’t care either. There are only three main religions in the US; however, due to how common Christianity is in Europe, even with the fact that there is a whole subculture named after Jesus Christ, there continue to be many Christians who are religious but do not agree with the mainstream church.

As I mentioned before, I will eventually leave America but I have already begun to make plans to return, and I’m sure it would not take long to see how much of everything it had to offer to American citizens as compared to the European societies I traveled to. Although most people do not have faith in God, I’m sure that by learning about western religion and Christianity, I will look more into ways to help those in need and make sure that I am helping people that find themselves out there by visiting western countries. For example, I came to realize that if all of the religions I was meeting had their believers in their beliefs then there would be no problem in society as a whole; however, by visiting certain countries, I saw a lot of other cultures that were still believing in something, even though there was such a big debate when it comes to the issue. While in Saudi Arabia, everything I saw made sense. If all the religions were the same this wouldn’t cause any problems in society. Furthermore, I took pride in knowing that it was possible to do both good and bad things here, and I can’t wait to see what kind of bad things I can take part in when I am able to go back to my home country to see how well the laws work there.

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