Increase in prices of petroleum products up to Rs. 35 per liter: Summary submitted


The Petroleum Division has recommended an increase of Rs 35 per liter in the prices of petroleum products.

Hum News has informed the responsible sources in this regard that the Petroleum Division has sent a summary to the Federal Cabinet on an emergency basis in view of the shortage of petroleum products.

According to sources, the summary sent by the Petroleum Division said that petrol should be immediately increased to Rs 27 and high-speed diesel to Rs 35 per liter.

The summary sent by the Petroleum Division warned that if the prices of petroleum products were not increased immediately, there would be severe shortage in the country.

According to sources, the Petroleum Division has warned that if prices remain the same, a subsidy of Rs 136 billion will have to be paid by June 30.

The summary sent to the Federal Cabinet by the Petroleum Division said that GST on petroleum products and petroleum levy should be maintained at zero level.

According to Hum News, the final decision on the summary sent to the federal cabinet by the Petroleum Division will be taken today.

The high flight of the dollar, 2 rupees 87 paisa a day expensive

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the nation on February 28, 2022, while announcing reduction in prices of petrol products by Rs. 10 and electricity prices by Rs. 5, said that prices of petroleum products should not be increased till next budget.

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