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A Simple Guide To The Chemical Engineering Convention: What It Is, How to Attend and More!


RAHIM YAR KHAN A two-day All Pakistan Chemical Engineers Convention started at the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and knowledge Technology (KFUEIT) on Thursday.
Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology Prof Dr. Mahmood Saleem was the highest guest while FUEIT VC Prof Dr. Suleman Tahir inaugurated the convention.
Further than 20 professors and exploration scholars from public universities and further than 30 industrialists of chemical assiduity of the country will present their moxie within the convention.
During his original address, Dr. Suleman Tahir said the perfect of the convention was to constrict the gap between assiduity and academia and there was a requirement for such planning which might drop the issues, the assiduity and academia face.
He said there was little question that masterminds had full capacity to beat the specialized problems for profitable stability.
Punjab University VC Prof Dr. Niaz Ahmed Akhtar said there was a scarcity of the latest chemical assiduity so chemical masterminds should explore the first and transnational request.
Prof Dr. Mahmood Saleem said imported technology products weren’t their thing, rather our chemical masterminds should introduce their own technology for the event of the country.
Dr. Saeed Gull of the Peshawar UET, Dr. Khadeeja Qureshi of Mehran University, Dr Shagufta Ishtiaq, Dr Khuram Shehzad, Dr Mohsin Kazmi, Dr. Sadiq Hussain, Dr. Amjad Aziz, and prominent industrialists masterminds Sheikh Mushtaq, Azam Munnawar, Saddique Soomro and Raqib Ali also spoke. The actors also will bandy issues associated with the chemical assiduity and its future in sessions.



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