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America Net Worth in 2022 | A Simple Graphic Showing the Average American’s Wealth


I think the current trend is that you see how much a country’s wealth is, so in order to know in what economic times it’s important to learn with all this knowledge. But there is more than one kind of people who hold a lot of money in their hands and it really depends on where this country is in its economy. So for each one who has everything, there is to offer it can be very easy to become extremely rich or exceedingly poor depending on some other factors. You might be in an area where the government spends a ton of cash on infrastructure and you get used to being able to afford to put your money aside for things like healthcare and education.

A couple of years down the track if you happen to go to that same job but don’t have the funds then you will probably end up back at square one. One thing that we could mention is that money might not be as easy to get when there is a recession or a depression, which means the government would have to spend more than it could otherwise be spending. To put this a little bit into perspective you get paid pretty well during good times, but when they start doing great you have less money to work in to cover things. This can cause those who might have enough at the time to take advantage of the situation to get out and start getting a real estate agent or even moving here. Now for some people what happens when there are financial problems or when there is a recession of any kind is that it leads them and others to join the ranks of billionaires, which means that someone else who knows nothing will make a billion dollars off a few hundred million. If you do take a look around you will see people who earn billions of dollars or millionaires with the most income. There aren’t really many people like that out there so it is a shocker that there are a whole bunch of people in America who make hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. The last person I want to talk about today is President Trump, although he does have his own net worth.

He will never be my top choice because I do believe that things are different in America but at the same time, I don’t see him as the type of president that most Americans are hoping that America could turn. It is my belief that America will turn the corner for the better in the future and I hope everyone stays calm until then. But if you think about the fact that America is still quite conservative, I can only assume that a lot of these people in positions of power won’t have a good attitude towards women or minority groups in terms of politics. They may also have no problem making decisions based on these groups but the fact remains that if you are black or white you are going to get fired because it’s just simply not going to be accepted in this country. That may sound terrible to anyone saying that, but just remember that once you lose faith in something or someone, in general, that is just simply not a part of your life it doesn’t mean that all hope dies. There are plenty who will come along over time but I’m sure that America’s leaders are doing everything within their capability to ensure that there are enough black and white people running into that position. I hope that this conversation comes away and I can write a book about this topic when things are working. For now, though thank you so much and stay safe.

First and foremost I wanted to say one word out loud that will always be kept close to my heart, love is love. Because sometimes we forget that feeling of having that feeling that comes from the simplest thing and when we find ourselves falling down that rabbit hole we end up realizing that it’s for the best. And it is not right to hate ourselves. We are a beautiful rainbow and the world needs us and loves us. Nothing else matters than love and that is why sometimes we fall down that rabbit hole and we need that back. I hope you and yours are staying happy and blessed throughout this difficult period. Stay strong and I hope that as life gets back to normal we will all be able to look back on this time and have a wonderful time together. Thank you for reading and please stay safe.



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